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The Beginning...

This post marks the birth of the new inMotion Flowers (formerly Flowers for Africa) blog... our little piece of the World Wide Web where we intend providing our customers and the general public insights into our business and added value through educational articles and interesting titbits covering a range of topics related to flowers and gift giving...  

Appletizer Event

Who We Are

To kick things off, we’ll tell you a bit about ourselves first. We’re a small family run florist based in Durban, South Africa. In January 2010, we decided to build a website and expand our local florist service to cover the delivery of flowers, hampers and gifts nationwide through a network of trusted partner florists. We’re still this same small florist in Durban, passionate about pleasing our customers and bringing joy to their loved ones, we’re just able to do this on a larger scale now.

Our core values since day one have always been to offer exceptional quality and value, and personalised customer service, values we still uphold to this day, which is why we have purposefully kept our business small and intimate. You can read more about us here.

Why this Blog & Why You Should Follow It

We’re always looking for new ways to offer our customers more. We also want to share our knowledge and experience we‘ve gained over the years with those who are interested. Of course, we realise that not everyone is interested in flowers per say, but we have a whole range of topics we want to write about, including topics that even the guys can benefit from.

What this Blog Isn’t

We know we’re not the first company to start a blog, and in fact almost every company is doing it these days (for better or worse). However, we don’t want this just to be another corporate blog intended to drive business and sell more products etc. We actually want to build a community of people who share similar interests and a resource for those who are just looking for creative ideas or advice.

What You’ll Get

What you can expect to see and read over here in the coming weeks and months, is a variety of content ranging from helpful tips on caring for your flowers so they last longer, how to pull off the ultimate Mother’s Day experience for Mom, advice on wedding flowers, tips for picking the right types of flowers and gifts, easy DIY crafts such as how to make cute handmade cards, and much more...

Here’s a list of categories we’ll be adding, and more will come as we need them.

Get Involved

What we’d really love more than anything, is for you, our customers and readers to get involved in any way you like. We want to hear from you in the comments on articles we publish and you can send us questions, feedback or ideas you might have by email or even phone us.

Also, if you want to write your own articles about topics you think would interest our readers; you are welcome to send them over to us. If they are relevant and add value to our readers, we will happily publish them here.


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