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Special Flower Days in South Africa

We all need to be spoiled with flowers or a special gift every now and then, but special occasions don’t need to be limited to Birthdays, Anniversaries or Christmas. There are many other special flower days like Valentine’s Day, Secretaries Day, Bosses Day, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day that are perfect for treating that special someone with a beautiful bouquet of flowers, a hamper or a gift.


Here’s a list of the most important special flower holidays in the year so you’ll never miss a special flower day again.

Special Flower Days in South Africa
Valentine’s Day 14 February 2025 Secretary’s Day 4 September 2024
Easter Weekend 29 March - 1 April 2024 Grandparents Day 8 September 2024
Mother’s Day 12 May 2024 Teachers Day 5 October 2024
Father’s Day 16 June 2024 Bosses Day 16 October 2024
National Women’s Day 9 August 2024 Halloween 31 October 2024
Spring Day 1 September 2024 Christmas Day 25 December 2024



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