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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas & Tips for Ordering Online

In case you didn’t know, Mother’s Day in South Africa falls on Sunday, 12 May 2019. While mom’s should be appreciated every day for all they do for us, Mother’s Day is the one day in the year that we should pull out all the stops to make sure mom feels loved and appreciated.
Updated: 27 July 2018

Mothers Day Flowers & Gifts

But what do you do for mom on Mother’s Day? Well we’ve put together some of our favourite Mother’s Day gift ideas from our 2019 collection, plus a few other ideas we think mom will love. We’ve also included important tips for ordering flowers and gifts for Mother’s Day online, so be sure to read to the end...

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

We are huge fans of doing something fun or memorable with Mom, however, not everyone can spend the day with mom. You might be living in a different town or an entirely different country. In this case, sending her a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, a hamper with her favourite chocolates or beauty products, or a gift such as her favourite perfume would be a great alternative to let her know you care... or in addition if you really want to go all out and surprise her...

Flowers, Hamper & Gifts

Conveniently order flowers, hampers or gifts online from our Mother’s Day category and have them delivered directly to your mom.


Great Ways to Spend Mothers Day

While sending mom flowers or a gift is a nice touch, if you are able to spend the day with her, you should definitely plan something special that she won’t forget. Here are a few ideas for you to consider.

Shopping & Lunch

Take her shopping for the day and buy her something nice, get her hair or nails done and take her to lunch at her favourite restaurant.

Picnic in the Park

Plan a fun picnic in the park or at the botanical gardens. Pack her favourite foods and snacks, and invite the whole family. She’ll really appreciate the time with her family, and the fresh air and change of scenery will do her wonders.

Mother’s Day at a Spa

Moms deserve to be pampered every now and then, so why not spend the day with her at a luxury spa? Get a half day or a full day package for two. That way she gets to spend quality time with you while being pampered and spoiled. Most spas will be running special promotions around Mother’s Day that will include lunch and special treats etc.

Take Her to the Theatre

You could take her to the theatre to watch a show you think she might enjoy, or take her to the opera if she likes that sort of thing.

Make Her a Handmade Card

Go the extra mile by making your very own Mother's Day card for mom. We've put together this easy to follow DIY Mother's Day Card Tutorial to get you started.

Of course you don’t have to get too fancy... even just taking the time to spend the day with her at home will mean the world to her. You’ll definitely earn yourself a few brownie points if you sent her flowers as well though, but we may be biased here... ;-)

Tips for Ordering Mother’s Day Flowers & Gifts Online

Mothers Day Gift GivingThe most important advice we can give you here is to order early. We can’t stress this point enough, as things get pretty hectic around special flower days like Mother’s Day. Not only do flowers become scarce at the last minute, but florists around the country usually battle to handle the demand.

And it’s for these reasons that we’ve decided to do things a little differently again this year. We’re going to stop taking orders for Mother’s Day far earlier than usual. The cut off will be on Wednesday the 6th of May 2015, so if you want to send mom flowers or a gift for Mother’s Day, please make sure you get your order in before Wednesday.

Please only order from our Mother’s Day category, as florists will only be stocking those flowers and gifts at this busy time. If you are ordering flowers, hampers or gifts to Durban, you can order from our Durban Mother’s Day category which has a wider selection of flowers.

We should also mention that our custom flowers and custom hamper products won’t be available during this period.

Delivery on Mother’s Day

Unfortunately most of our partner florists around South Africa (except in Durban) are closed on Sunday’s and won’t be delivering on Mother’s Day. We suggest ordering flowers for delivery between Thursday, 9 May and Saturday, 11 May. Gifts and hampers need to be delivered on Thursday or Friday, as there are no weekend deliveries for couriered items.

Sunday Delivery in Durban

We will be delivering flowers on Mother’s Day, Sunday, 12 May in Durban only. Please indicate in the special instructions if you want delivery on Sunday, as the date will be block in the checkout.

We hope you found this article helpful, but if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to post them in the comments below. And if you have a few great ideas for Mother’s Day of your own, we’d love to hear them in the comments as well.


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