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Choosing the Right Colour Flowers for Your Wedding

Most brides have a colour scheme in mind for their wedding, but have no idea which flowers are available in their colours. You find the most beautiful flower creations on the internet and in Bridal Magazines, but unfortunately for South African brides, most of those flowers are not always available here. You kinda set your heart on something, just to find out it’s not available in the colours you want or it’s not in season...

Choosing Wedding Flower Colours

Don’t despair! Just because certain kinds of flowers aren’t available, doesn’t mean you can’t have the colour of your dreams. There are still a lot of flower options to ensure an enchanting wedding day!

We have listed the main flower colours used along with their meanings and the various flower options available. Even though some of them might still be seasonal, it will at least give you a better idea of what your options are. If you are planning a wedding in Durban, feel free to get in touch with us to see which flowers are available around the time of your wedding. We’ve also put together a highly recommended step by step wedding flower guide which will assist you with everything you need to ask your wedding florist, and includes great tips to save you money, plus some ideas for inspiration.


Yellow flowers, the unofficial national flower of friendship, but also represent joy, happiness, new beginnings, energy and cheerfulness.

Yellow Wedding Flowers

Popular Yellow Flowers: Daffodils, Roses, Sunflowers, Umbellatum Lilies, Gerberas, Chrysanthemums/Daisies, Frangipani, Tulips, Gladiolus, Calla Lilies/ Zantedeschias, Snap Dragons, Billy Buttons or Craspedia.

Suggested Colour Combinations: Royal blue or navy (ribbons), dark purple or a combination of dark pink, orange and green flowers.


Green flowers symbolise nature, good fortune, new life and well being.

Green Wedding Flowers

Popular Green Flowers: Button Chrysanthemums/ Pom Poms, Roses, Carnations, Hydrangea, Cymbidium Orchids and Spider Chrysanthemums, Anthuriums, Kale (ornamental cabbage), Succulents (Desert Rose).

Suggested Colour Combinations: White and dark colours like purple, orange, yellow and cerise pink.

Pink: Pastel Pink, Cerise or Hot Pink

Pink flowers represent happiness, grace, love, joy, beauty and innocence.

Pink Wedding Flowers

Popular Dark Pink Flowers: Roses, Gerberas, Chrysanthemums, Gladiolus, Hydrangea, Protea, Snap dragons, Carnations, Calla lilies.

Popular Light Pink Flowers: Roses, Gerberas, Chrysanthemums, Waxflower, Hydrangea, Tulips, Lisianthus, Snap Dragons, Carnations.

Peonies - Light & Dark Pink: they are not always available in all the colours and are only available for a short period of time in South Africa between the months of October and November.

Suggested Colour Combinations: With cerise or hot pink: Orange, green, yellow. Light or Pastel pink: white or lilac.


Red flowers, the colour of love, passion and desire. They also represent confidence, beauty and strength.

Red Wedding Flowers

Popular Red Flowers: Roses, Carnations, Chrysanthemums, Gerberas, Alstroemeria, Oriental/ Umbellatum Lilies, Gladiolus, Lobster Claw, Anthuriums, Celosia (cockscomb).

Suggested Colour Combinations: Dark purple, white and black.


Orange flowers symbolise warmth, energy, vitality, enthusiasm, passion and confidence.

Orange Wedding Flowers

Popular Orange Flowers: Gerberas, Calla Lilies, Tulips, Umbellatum Lilies, Roses, Chrysanthemums, Gladioli, Strelitzias, Pincushions, Hipericum Berries.

Suggested Colour Combinations: Cerise or Hot Pink.


Black roses are the most commonly used black flower. They look black, but are usually a dark shade of red, purple, or maroon. Although black usually has a negative connotation and can be seen as a symbol of death, it can also be a symbol of something positive like love after death, undying love and new beginnings.

Black Wedding Flowers

Popular and only natural (or un-dyed) black looking flowers available: Black Baccara Rose and dark burgundy Zantedeschias / Calla Lilies.

Suggested Colour Combinations: Mainly red, deep and dark colours like bright yellow, dark/ burnt orange, dark purple, dark pink or even white.


White flowers are known as a symbol of purity and innocence but also represent elegance and modesty.

White Wedding Flowers

Popular White Flowers: Roses, Arum Lilies, Lace Flower, Baby's Breath / Gypsophilla, Daisies, Gerberas, Phalaenopsis Orchids, Michaelmas Daisies / Aster, Casablanca Lilies, St Josephs, Anthuriums, Waxflower, Lisianthius, Snap Dragons, Veronicas, Stocks, Chincherinchees, Delphiniums, Freesias.

Suggested Colour Combinations: White is a very versatile colour and can be combined with any colours, whether pastels or dark colours.

Purple or Blue

Purple flowers, also sometimes referred to as blue flowers, are quite rare and vary from shades of radiant red to calm blue, and are a very popular colour choice for weddings and events. Since many couples struggle to think of blue or purple flowers, we’ve listed a number of options in different shades that are available in South Africa, for inspiration.

Purple has long been associated with royalty and magic. Lavender and lighter shades on the other hand convey femininity, youth and beauty. Darker shades of purple suggest luxury, spirituality, admiration and love, while blue flowers represent peace, serenity and truth.

Unfortunately, in most cases, the bright blue or dark purple flowers seen on the internet or in international magazines are not real, especially when it comes to roses, gerberas, daisies and orchids. These flowers are usually dyed or could even be silk or paper flowers. Since our flower markets in South Africa don’t sell these dyed flowers, they are seldom used. If you are looking for fresh flowers, check with your local florist for availability first, and make sure that they are in fact what you expected or wanted.

Dyed Blue & Purple Roses

Lilac Flowers: Lisianthus, Iris, Lavender, Michaelmas Daisy / Aster, Liatris, Stocks, Sweet Pea, Hydrangea.

Lilac Roses: Amnesia Rose - They have an antique kind of look and feel to them. They can sometimes look like they’re old, so please ask to see them first before you decide on using them for your wedding or event.

Lilac Wedding Flowers

Purple Flowers: Lisianthus, Gladiolus, Tulips, Statice, White & Purple Calla Lilies, Larkspur, Phalaenopsis Orchid, Sweet Pea, White & Dark Purple Proteas, Hydrangea, Ornamental Kale.

Purple Wedding Flowers

Blue Flowers: Iris, Delphiniums, Veronicas, Orchid, Hydrangea.

Purple & Blue Dendrobium Orchids: An excellent choice if you are looking for a unique and exotic look. They are available in South Africa, however check with your florist and order your flowers in advance.

Blue Hydrangea & Blue & Purple Dendrobium Orchid Wedding Flowers

Suggested colour combinations: Different shades of purple, pink, green, turquoise and blue flowers to create magical bouquets and centrepieces.

You'll also find great tips for choosing colour schemes in this article.

Please keep in mind that most of these flowers, even though available in South Africa, are still seasonal, so you need to check the availability with your florist or plan your wedding so that it coincides with your favourite flower’s season… ;-)

If you have any questions or you think we’ve missed any important flowers or flower colours, please let us know in the comments below, and if you are looking for a wedding florist in Durban, get in touch with us to see how we can help you realise your dream wedding.

Image Source: Mayesh Wholesale Florist and inMotion Flowers Weddings & Events.


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49 comments on “Choosing the Right Colour Flowers for Your Wedding”

  • Diane Smuts

    Hi There
    I am getting married in November in Durban. Will the blue dendrobium be available at this time.

  • Hi Diane, Yes the blue dendrobium will be available in November, just make sure you confirm with your wedding florist at least a week or two in advance so that they can order it for you.

    If you'd like us to send you a quote, please get in touch with us via our enquiry form with all your wedding details:

  • Ronel Reichgelt

    Our company celebrates int 50th birthday in September. We want to use blue orchids on our tables. Will you be able to supply blue orchids in September?

  • Hi Ronel,

    We will be able to get the blue & purple Dendrobuium orchids for you in September, but in order for us to know whether we can assist you, we would need to know where your event will be (which city)?

    Please get in touch with me here:, and I'll get back to as soon as possible.

    Thank you.


  • Bryan and Mariza

    We are planning a may wedding in durban and wanted to find out what flowers are I. Season at that time. Can you advise?

  • Nicole

    Hi I am getting married at the end June in Durban would the purple and blue dendrobium'sbe available?

  • Hi Nicole,

    Thank you for your comment.

    The Purple and Blue Dendrobiums are available most of the time but your wedding florist still needs to order them, so I suggest making your booking or confirming your wedding flowers at least 2-3 weeks before the time.

    If we can be of any further assistance please let us know.

  • Hi Bryan and Mariza,

    Thank you for your comment on our Choosing the Right Colours article and sorry for the late reply.

    Most flowers like Lilies, Roses, Gerberas, Carnations, Orchids etc. are available in May, so it all depends if there is a specific flower you had in mind. If you wanted something like Hydrangea, Arum lilies, Peonies or something else, please let us know so we could check with our markets for you.

    Also keep in mind that May is a very expensive month for flowers due to Mothers Day, so if you are getting married 2 weeks before or 2 weeks after the 9/10th May then unfortunately the flowers will be very expensive.

    If we can be of any further assistance, please let us know.

  • Gaye Dorkin

    My daughter is getting married on the KZN south coast early July 2015. Please can you recommend what kind of white flowers and orange flowers, suitable for a small vase, will be in season (therefore less expensive) at that time of the year.

  • Hi Gaye,

    Well, we would need to see what type of vases they are, but judging by "small vase" and "less expensive" we would suggest Gerberas or open lilies as they are quite big flowers, that will take up quite a bit of space, so you might only need 1 or 2. This will save on costs and will create a simple but elegant look.

    I hope this helps, but if you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us directly via our Weddings page:

    Thank you.


  • sheldon

    Hi I am getting engaged in October will the dyed purple roses be in stock?

  • Hi Sheldon,

    Thank you for your comment.

    Unfortunately we don't do dyed purple roses. The purpose of our section on dyed flowers was to make people aware of the fact that they are not real, and they are not available or used in South Africa, so as to avoid disappointment.

    We can however suggest you contact your local florist to enquire about preserved roses. They sometimes come in bright colours but could be quite pricey.

    Sorry we couldn't assist you with this but if we can be of any further assistance please let us know.

  • Jen

    Hi can you please send me a copy? Thank you.

  • Hi Jen,

    Thank you for your comment. Our wedding flower guide is on its way to you by email.

    If we can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Thank you.

  • Cassi


    I am getting married in April in Mooi River. I adore peonies and would love to use them for my bouquet as well as for the tables but I read above that you can only get them in SA Oct-Nov. Which other flower would you suggest I use? My colour scheme is blush pink, grey and cream. Maybe something I could pair with roses? Our tables are round and I have looked at some small vintage silver vases to us with candelabra, which flowers would you suggest would complement the table? You feedback is so appreciated. I have found this blog so helpful!

  • Hi Cassi,

    Peonies are gorgeous and very special for a wedding bouquet as they are only available for such a short time here is SA. Unfortunately we can only get them around Oct-Nov. Another flower I suggest is perhaps Lisianthus. They aren't as full and big as Peonies but soft and delicate and would go well with roses and your colour scheme and aren't very expensive.

    As much as we would love to assist with your wedding we only do weddings in Durban. I see you said you are getting married in April, I hope we didn't miss it already, if we did, we would like to congratulate you and wish you all the best! If it is only April 2016, and you need some more assistance, please email me at [email protected].



  • Thembisa

    I am getting married in Jan2016, I love lillies. Will they be available around that season? Please send me a quote of your wedding arrangements on the tables (your very affordable) For almost 12 tables and beach wedding set up.

    Thank you

  • Hi Thembisa,

    Lilies are mostly available all year round, we just battle every now and then to get a certain colour, but white is always available. Just make sure you order a few weeks in advance, so that the florist can get them to open and remove the stamen etc. before the wedding. Please send us a list of your requirements with pictures of what you have in mind to [email protected]. If you are not sure what all your requirements are please see our other article



  • Wendy Spieker

    HI Lize,

    I am getting married in May 2016 and want to confirm availability of the "Baby's Breath / Gypsophilla" and "Purple & Blue Dendrobium Orchids".
    I have been told that the gyps is very hard to find in May/June and I am getting worried I might have to change my ideas.
    Can you perhaps recommend other complimentary flowers to go with the Orchids?

    Thank you,
    Kind Regards,

  • Hi Wendy,

    In order for us to confirm availability we would need to know which city or town your wedding will be. We can however confirm that gyp is not seasonal and is always available here in Durban, it might be expensive at times but still available ;-) I think availability will apply to all major cities, as for smaller towns, it might be a little more tricky.

    Hope this helps, but if we can be of further assistance email me directly from our wedding page here:



  • Sarien

    I am getting married in february in the free state my colours is purple. I wanted to use tulips but they said it is too early I want a flower that can be put in a watervase with a floating candle on top, any suggestions on what flowers will be available that will work

  • Hi Sarien,

    Yes unfortunately Feb is a bit early for tulips they usually only become available from Apr/May. There aren't many natural purple flowers that will work under water so the only suggestion I have would be purple dendrobiums. You can buy them in packs of 5 or 10 stems and you only need one stem per vase. We aren't sure about price or availability in the Free State, I know our partner florists in Bloemfontein can get orchids, so you need to check with your florist and get them to order the dendrobiums for you from JHB in advance.

    Hope this helps.

  • Danielle


    I am getting married the 9 July 2016 near Margate in KZN. I want to find out the availability of Baby's Breath that time of the year?

    Thank you so much


  • Hi Danielle,

    Baby's Breath is available throughout the year. We recommend you contact your local florist and ask her to order the Baby's Breathe well in advance to ensure there are no stock issues.

    Wishing you all the best with your wedding next year.

  • Mandy

    Hi. I'll be getting married in November, Cape Town . Please advise if the Billy buttons will be available then. Please mail me a quote for a bouquet and centre pieces. My Colours are grey, white and yellow. Any suggestions on colour combination for the bouquet

  • Hi Mandy,

    Thank you for your comment on our blog.

    Billy buttons are seasonal and only available from our markets from December on wards. We are however based in Durban and flower availability might differ from city to city, so we suggest you contact a local Cape Town florist or market for flower availability, quotes and alternative flower suggestions.

    Sorry we couldn't be of more assistance at this time.

  • Bonnie

    Hi there, my daughter is getting married in May decor is rustic and the colours Ivory, Gold and Berry (tending to a maroon). Please would you give me an idea of flowers available at that time?

    Many thanks!


  • Natanja


    I wander if you maybe can help me with the price and florists in Pretoria that would have the blue & purple Dendrobuium orchids?

    Love this page and thank you for the great article.

    Kind Regards


  • Hi Natanja,

    Thank you for the compliment. We're delighted to hear you enjoyed our article. Unfortunately we're based in Durban and don't directly know any florists in Pretoria that specialize in weddings and who might stock the orchids you are looking for. We recommend you do a Google search for wedding florists in Pretoria, and give them a call to see if they can assist you.

    Sorry we couldn't be of more assistance with this.

  • Ashleigh

    Hi ,

    I would like to find out if peonies and hydrangeas are available in the month of December. Also I'm thinking of doing a flower wall and would like to incorporate theses flowers but want to know the most feasible way to get it done.


  • Leoni Schmidt

    Hi, my daughter is getting married on 24 September. Her color scheme is white with pewter overlays. We were thinking of coral coloured flowers. What would you suggest?

  • Denise

    Hi there, could you please advise as to what flowers are available in Durban during June, in the colour Blush Pink & maybe a shade of Navy Blue?
    Thank you! :)

  • Victoria

    Hi there,

    I am getting married 6th May 2017, my flower colour is white with lots of greenery. Please could you recommend affordable flowers that would be available in Cape Town around that date.

  • Hi Victoria,

    Unfortunately we are based in Durban and only do wedding flowers in Durban and surrounding areas, so we can't advise on availability of flowers in Cape Town. I recommend going to see your local florist in your area to find out what flowers they recommend in May. Just keep in mind that your wedding is very close to Mother's Day, so most flowers, especially red ones are going to be quite expensive. We recommend avoiding any red or pink flowers during this period.

  • Estelle Marx

    Hi there

    My daughter is getting married on the 7th January 2017. She wanted to have proteas but i just heard proteas (large ones) are not available during tha time. What other flowers are available then please. i need for the wedding table, church and posies for brides, and decor on table. i wanted to put a protea in a round glass container.

    Could you also recommend someone to do the arrangements and transport to the venue Leopard Lodge in Magaliesberg.

    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Best regards
    Dr Estelle Marx

  • Hi Estelle,

    We are not sure why you were told you can not have Proteas as we kind of get them all year round in Durban and all our flowers come from the big JHB markets. I suggest you ask your florist to order them for you in advance. It might be a little more expensive, but that way you can get what you wanted. Plus there are also other variety's of Proteas that look like the King Ptotea, which are just as big, that you could look at too.

    An alternative to Proteas you could consider is Pincushions.

    Here are some florist options that might be able to assist you with the flowers and delivery to the venue: Flowers Gift, Heide Florists, Brits Bloemiste.

    Hope you get the flowers you wanted and if we can be of further assistance please let us know.

    All the best.

  • Tania Snyman

    Will Hydrangeas still be available during February?Johannesburg, Gauteng. Thank you!!

  • Hi Tania,

    Thank you for contacting us via our blog.

    We can't confirm availability of Hydrangea in JHB as we are based in Durban, but they are still in season in February and even if they are not in season, your florist would be able to get imported ones. The imports are a little more expensive and availability of colours can't be guaranteed but that way you can still get the flower you want.

    If we can be of any further assistance please let us know.

  • Steward

    Hi there... I'm getting married next week 29th October 2016 I was wondering where can i get the purple and blue orchid? I'm using it for a center piece and i really like the two color combination on the orchid... i believe this is also the season of the orchid but i don't know if this one was dipped in color or a special hybrid, please help me find one really close to my home i'm in Pretoria...

  • Hi Steward,

    Unfortunately we're based in Durban, so we can't help you find this orchid in Pretoria directly. I would suggest you visit your closest local florist shop and show them a picture of the orchid you are looking for. If they don't have it in stock, they should be able to order it from the flower market for you if it's available locally.

    Sorry, we couldn't be of more assistance.

  • Debbie

    Grateful for suggestions for flowers for a November wedding in the midlands. Colour scheme is navy gold and berry moving into the blue/lavender hues. We have a very tight budget and wondered if i could plant some in the meantime to keep costs down but not sure what to plant...... Help!!!!

  • Dianne Hudson

    Please can you tell me what is available in Durban April 2018. Colours lilac, mauve and lots of greenery.

  • Thia

    Good day.

    My Wedding day is 1 September 2018. I want to know if Blushing Bride Protea in season is. My colour is rustic with wood and ocean theme. If not which other flowers you recommend.

    Thank you

  • Charmaine


    I'm getting married in December this year and my wedding is going to be in Durban so my question is, are Roses, Calla Lillies and Hydrangeas going to be available during this month?


  • Hi Charmaine,
    Roses, Hydrangea and Calla lilies are available in December in Durban, the Hydrangea and Calla lilies just need to be ordered well in advance, especially if you have very specific colours in mind, as our markets don't stock all of the colour flowers all the time.
    If you need any further assistance please send us an email from our contact us page.
    Thank you.

  • Hi Thia,
    You would need to tell us where you need the Blushing Bride Proteas as we can only confirm what we can get in Durban in September, and unfortunately they are not available. They seem to be summer flowers and only available in December/January here.
    I suggest any of the other proteas as they seem to be more readily available most of the year, and you can also get them in light pink colours.
    If we can be of any further assistance please send us an email from our contact us page.
    Thank you.

  • Magdel


    So nice to have a site where questions can be asked about flowers - especially wedding flowers.

    With regards to greenery:
    Is Italian Ruscas available in South Africa? Also what deep green fillers or leaves are available except our standard Ruscas and leather leaf.

    With regards to flowers:
    Which white roses would you suggest as an alternative for peonies? Also looking for a brown rose that might be available. Are Ranunculus available in April - which is the month of our wedding.

  • Martie de Kock


    We getting married February in Pretoria, what light blue flowers are available that time and is Eucalyptus Silver Dollar leaves available.

  • Hi Martie,

    The only light blue flowers possibly available in February are light blue delphiniums or you can see if your florist or market can get you light blue Hydrangea still.

    Eucalyptus and Silver Dollar leaves are available all year round.

    Not sure if you have a florist or will be doing your own flowers, but you can try the big markets in JHB - Multi Flora or Gradi Flora.

    If you need any further assistance we will be happy to help.

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