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Flowers for Africa is Rebranding: The Full Story

We are changing our name from Flowers for Africa to inMotion Flowers! This may come as a shock to our long-time customers that have been with us for years, so to avoid any confusion or uncertainty, here’s the full story on why we are rebranding and what impact this will have on you as our customer.  

Flowers for Africa vs. inMotion Flowers

How Will this Affect Me?

Don’t worry, we haven’t fallen victim to a hostile takeover, and we haven’t sold our company or merged with another company. In fact nothing is changing except our name, website URL and logo.

Flowers for Africa is still owned by the same people, run by the same AWESOME team (sorry, couldn’t resist) and will continue providing the same personalized service to all our customers. Rest assured our values, guarantees, reliability, attention to detail and your satisfaction will continue to be our highest priority.

From your side, you don’t need to do anything... your customer account will still work with the same login details you set up on the Flowers for Africa website, all your past orders and addresses will still be in your account and you’ll find the same user-friendly website and products you’re used to... just don’t get a fright and think you’ve landed on the wrong website.

Why We are Rebranding

There are a number of reasons why we have decided to drop the name Flowers for Africa in favour of inMotion Flowers. Firstly, as it turns out, there is another Flowers for Africa in South Africa. Flowers for Africa CC. is a flower wholesaler in Cape Town. This of course has been causing a lot of unintentional confusion for our customers and theirs, especially now that they also have a website. Since they’ve been around longer, and we don’t want to step on any toes, we decided it would be better to change our name.

You may also have noticed that with the recent upgrade to our website, we’ve been working hard to bring you a more professional and user-friendly website boasting all the latest technological advancements in e-Commerce, and we needed a new look to go with our modern website.

In a way, you could say we’ve grown too big for our boots... :-) What started as a small family run business, is fast becoming a serious competitor in the South African flower and gifting industry, and with that comes the need to be VAT registered and BEE certified so that we can continue growing and offering you even more value. We will continue to offer great customer service, and we’ll be adding more services such as corporate gifting, events and weddings.

What to Expect Going Forward

We are planning on switching over from the Flowers for Africa domain to our new domain this weekend, so our website might be inaccessible between Sat, 8 June and Sun, 9 June, but we should be back up and running by Monday at the latest... just in time for you to place your orders for Father’s Day... ;-)

We’ll send out an email on Tuesday to let you know the new website address, but don’t worry, the old Flowers for Africa links will still take you to the new site.

Thank you for all your support over the years, and here’s to many more great years to come... we’ll keep working hard, and continue to grow our relationship and trust with you, our valued customer.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the rebranding process, or you have any difficulties using the website, please let us know in the comments below, and we’ll gladly assist you.

The Flowers for Africa Team


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2 comments on “Flowers for Africa is Rebranding: The Full Story”

  • Bev

    Are hydrangeas available during September.

  • Hi Bev,

    Hydrangea season is from December until around February. We can sometimes get imported ones but they are more expensive - usually around R 70 per stem and we can not guarantee that we can get specific colours even if we order them. Unfortunately we kind of have to take what they get on the day.

    If we can be of any further assistance please send us an email and we'll gladly assist you further.

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