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DIY Mother's Day Card Tutorial

Finding the perfect Mother’s Card for Mom is often quite difficult. They may be old fashioned, don’t convey the right message, aren’t relevant, or just too expensive. Making your own Mothers Day card has many benefits. Not only will it be fun and give you a sense of accomplishment, but Mom will really appreciate the extra effort you went to and it will go well with everything else you are doing to create the ultimate Mother’s Day for Mom.  

Dads, you can jump in too! Get the kids together, grab the scissors, paper and glue, and help them make mom a really special Mother’s Day card this year.

DIY Mothers Day Cards

To get you started we’ve provided you with the card dimensions and made you some patterns of envelopes, flowers, butterflies, handbags and a shoe that you can download, cut out, and colour in or trace on coloured paper.

What You’ll Need

  • Cardboard
  • A variety of coloured paper or cardboard
  • Old wrapping paper with flowers or butterflies that you can cut out
  • Ribbons
  • Buttons
  • Beads
  • Glitter
  • A Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Glue


Download and print the templates we’ve put together for you by clicking the links below.

Mothers Day Card Patterns

Mothers Day Card Template


Envelope Large

Mom Labels

Mothers Day Mom Template

Step 1: Cut Your Card & Envelope

Card: Cut a piece of cardboard 21 x 14cm (8.2” x 5.5”) and fold in half.

Making Your Envelope

  1. Download and print envelope template: Envelope Template
  2. Cut out along dark black lines
  3. Fold flaps 1 – 4 on the dotted lines
  4. Glue flaps 2 and 3 to the large flap 4
  5. Once the card is inside, Flap 1 can be folded into the envelope or glued closed

Step 2: Decorating Your Card

Cut out some of the shapes in the template, and start sticking! You can start off your card with a square in the middle, just a bit smaller than your card size to create depth, and then build it up from there.

Creating a Handbag

DIY Card Handbag

Fold piece 1 of the handbag pattern on the dotted line. Hook piece 1 over piece 2 and glue at the back of piece 2. String a few beads together on fishing line or thin soft wire to make a handle and add a little bead or flower on the flap to create a clip. See image for example of how it looks when complete.

Flower Patterns

Group the flowers together in different sizes or create a row of flowering pot plants and add beads or small little round circles in the middle of each flower. For the stems, use thin wire, toothpicks, matches, or just cut out thin long rectangles. Instead of leaves, make a bow out of ribbon and stick it on the stem.

Add the finishing touches to circles, squares or any other shape with special patterned scissors; it’s a great investment for card making and school projects. You can get these scissors relatively inexpensively on Amazon, or in any crafts shop.

Scissor Patterns


You can cut out letters to spell words on your card from different textured paper or tinfoil. Stick them on thicker card board to give them depth, cut them out and then stick them on your card. Here’s a template with letters to spell Mom that you can download and cut out.

DIY Mothers Day Cards End Result

The end result can be seen in the above picture! These are only ideas on how to put our patterns together. With a little creativity and a touch of love, you too can make the perfect Mothers Day card that mom will love!

If you have any trouble following these steps, please let us know in the comments below and we’ll gladly assist you. Also, we’d love to hear what you thought of this DIY card tutorial and how your own cards turned out.

PS: You are welcome to share this tutorial and our templates if you like them, and let us know if you publish them on your website.


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2 comments on “DIY Mother's Day Card Tutorial”

  • Awww! These are adorable! I would have LOVED to have gotten a card like this from my son when he was little! What a beautiful keepsake for a mom! I love it! Keep the fantastic ideas coming!!!

  • Ah, thank you Gina! We are delighted to hear you like the cards. We've got plenty more coming, so watch this space... ;-)

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